Li René Harmon


I earned my BFA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena; the teaching philosophy is an extension of the Bauhaus in Dessau before WW2; good design is form following function. At ACCD, I learned design aesthetics, illustrative storytelling, the physics and psycology of light; how we see color.

I enjoy the mathematics of design and how it displays sublime aesthetics; Fibonacci and Descartes excite me. Plutonic forms exemplify the simplicity; Euclid defines it. The physics and mathematics of color can entertain me for hours; the Hexadecimal system fascinates me. Color, as the brain perceives it, is nothing more than the interpretation of various waves lengths gathered by our cones and passed on to our ventral occipital lobe. We not only experience aethetics through philosophical understanding, we actually feel it!

Design is in my blood, an inate part of me that sees patterns; the relationships of shapes with spaces rather quickly. Simple clean lines, eliminate the superfluous to let the message speak, let the tool be used without confusion, let the senses enjoy the task.