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About the Project

The goal of this project was to create a useful mobile app that would fill a need not yet filled.

The Idea

Creating a peer to peer laundry app similar to the driving app of Lift and Uber, but for Laundry. We wanted to add to the gig economy while freeing up time for those too busy to do this chore.

The Challenge

College students are trying to do their laundry in a timely manner, but do not have enough time. They have too many college demands, and feel stressed and overwhelmed. College students need an efficient and affordable way to do their laundry in a timely manner because they are often so busy with school demands.

The Tools

User Research (Interviews + Surveys) & Analysis, Mobile User Experience Design (UI/UX), Interaction Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, In-person User Testing, Miro, Trello, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Suite


Our Methodology

We started our project with discussions and planning, while keeping in mind that we needed to understand who our users were and what were some of their pain points. We also wanted to find out if our product was something users would want to use. We thought of the following methodology for this problem:


User Research

8 User Interviews were conducted. Individuals were asked about their current laundry process, methods and any pain points


Research Data Analysis

Behavior Demographics

My attitude is usually "let's get this over with in the shortest amount of time." I even set a timer on my phone to know when each load is finished. Folding and hanging up clothes is my least favorite part.

Goals & Needs

My biggest concern would be any contamination in their house, i.e. cigarette smoke, smoke of any kind, weird house smells getting into my clothing (like mildew, mustiness...) I would also be concerned about bed bugs. I've used a service before in NYC and didn't give it a second thought because it was a place of business, but I would need to feel assured that my launderer or laundress was cleaning my clothes in a clean environment.

Pain Points

Where am I doing it? Laundromat? Frustrated. Bored. At a pals house? Grateful. Intrusive. Immature.
I'm picky about my detergent, I'm very eco minded.


Competitive Analysis

Our competitors are actual businesses that are laundry services that also include dry cleaning except for SudShare. SudShare is a peer to peer but there is no accountability and no detergent choice.


Brainstorming & Ideation















Wireframing & Prototyping















User Testing

After user testing, more interactivity was added to show how the payments would work, how laundry time would work and how to choose the right detergent and drying.


High Fidelity Prototype















App Walkthrough